J. Greg DavidsonNGender Consulting Group
2931 Verda Avenue
(858) 683-3210Escondido, CA 92025


I. Work Experience


While working on an advanced successor to the NGender Web Framework, I am continuing to teach selected Gnu/Linux and Software Design & Modeling courses for Learning Tree International.


Co-founded NGender Consulting Group, a consulting and training organization applying Free Software to business needs. Developed NGender Web Framework, leveraging Apache, PostgreSQL, Tcl and JavaScript into a framework for 3-tier dynamic websites.


Taught 16 course titles for Learning Tree International, co-authoring two of their courses (Advanced C++ and Tcl). Provided consulting through my own company, Virtual Infinity Systems, specializing in complex system design and software quality assurance.


Established Unix and C curricula at Integrated Computer Systems, writing the first three courses, finding and training 25 instructors in five countries. Also contributed material to their Real Time, X-Window System and Artificial Intelligence Programming courses.


While in Graduate School I did contract work. I wrote two books on programming for Osborne/McGraw Hill. I developed a computer assisted instruction system for the US Navy, successfully applying key artificial intelligence techniques. I consulted on a Unix port and the design of a high-end graphics system for NCR.


Member of the UCSD P-System Project, developing a complete hardware-independent operating system. The UCSD P-System was the inspiration for both Sun’s Java and Microsoft’s .NET systems.

II. Selected Designs and Implementations

Web Frameworks CAI Systems Compilers
Custom Preprocessors Graphics Editors Knowledge-based Systems

III. Selected Computer Languages

Pascal, Modula, Ada C, C++, C#, Java, Scala (X)HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript
Lisp, Clojure, Prolog Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl/Tk Smalltalk, Haskell, Curry, Oz

IV. Selected Database Systems


V. Selected Operating Systems

Unix: Xenix, Solaris, etc. BSD, especially OpenBSD
Gnu/Linux: Debian, Redhat, SuSE, etc. Microsoft: DOS, Windows, NT, XT, etc.

VI. Courses I've taught recently

  • Novell
    • SuSE Linux Curriculum
  • Learning Tree International
    • Gnu/Linux Curriculum
    • Software Modeling and Design
  • NGender Consulting Group
    • Advanced Programming
    • Dynamic Website Design

VII. Related Interests

Applying the best Free and Open Source Software to the real needs of organizations. Providing the training, system administration and integration consulting to ensure the success of a partial or entire migration to Free Software.

Creation of computer software environments supporting maximum human productivity and effectiveness and encouraging exploration and learning.

Learning everything I can about new developments in Science and Technology. I also enjoy travelling, exploring other cultures and learning new languages (both human and computer).

VIII. Selected Memberships

Association for Computing Machinery IEEE Computer Society Usenix Association

IX. University Education


University of California, San Diego Computer Science Masters program, Cognitive Science Ph.D. program. I was also a member of the UCSD Cognitive Science Laboratory, doing AI research under a DARPA contract and writing textbooks for Osborne/McGraw-Hill.


UCSD Revelle College; B.A. in Computer Science, minor in Linguistics, Mathematics and Psychology. During this time I was a full member of the UCSD P-System project, designing and implementing major components of the Operating System and participating in its worldwide deployment and evolution.

In my eight years at UCSD I had the privilege of being a full participant in some of the most exciting technical projects of that time while taking advantage of the best of their regular curriculum.