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  • Data is not information.
  • Information is not knowledge.
  • Knowledge is not experience.
  • Experience without knowledge is shallow.
  • Knowledge without information is superstition.
  • Information without data is error.

Please Contact Me for

  • Custom Software Modeling & Design
  • Software Development & Implementation Assurance
  • Advanced Software Development Training
  • Open Source Solutions & Migration

The odds are against successful software projects:

  • More than 80% of large software development projects fail!
  • Most migrations & software cost-reduction efforts fail!
  • Training often fails to improve productivity!
  • Moving resources off-shore does not solve these problems!

Get expert consulting from a consultant with a proven track record:

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What do I do, what might I do for you?

I am a Computer Scientist/Engineer

  • Author of 5 books on computing
  • Inventor of numerous computer
    • techniques
    • data structures
    • algorithms

I Create and Design Software Systems

I'm responsible for the design and implementation of many large and complex software systems. My success rate is 100% — 80% above the industry average!

If you need new software technology invented or adapted for your business needs, let's talk!

I Create and Teach Technical Training Courses

I have written several internationally successful training courses covering

  • software design, e.g. Agile & UP
  • application & system programming
  • object & relational databases
  • operating systems & other platforms

I've trained thousands of the key technical staff of major corporations and government agencies worldwide.

If your staff or customers need specialized training, let's talk!